The 616 – Danville, VA

616 Farm to Table 616 Farm to Table 616 Farm to Table 616 Farm to Table 616 Farm to Table 616 Farm to Table

As Danville, Virginia’s premier Farm to Table style restaurant, The 616 is known for its fresh and ever-changing menu. Working with the investors, owners, and chef, Solex Architecture developed a plan to accommodate the restaurant’s needs while working to preserve the historic charm of the 125 year old building. The kitchen, while small in footprint, allows several staff members to work simultaneously without interference. The chef’s dining room provides small parties with a more intimate dining experience. The main dining area contains a copper bar and a performance platform for live music. Also, special care was taken to ensure that spaces such as the restrooms, office, utility room, food storage, dish washing area and a green room for performers were located in such a manner that they would be convenient for staff without detracting from patrons’ dinner service.

Ballad Brewing - Danville, VA

Ballad Brewing Ballad Brewing Ballad BrewingBallad Brewing Ballad Brewing Ballad Brewing

Ballad Brewing is a craft brewery built in a renovated tobacco warehouse in the heart of Danville's River District. Ballad boasts a large, wide open tasting room with plenty of room for seating, games, and events. The heavy timber construction and original brick is left exposed, creating an old world look that goes well with the modern bar. An expansive patio provides ample seating outside. The brew house and all the brewing equipment can be seen at work through a conveniently placed viewing window in the tasting room.

Boydton Deli

Boydton Deli Boydton Deli Boydton Deli Boydton Deli

Located just across the street from Mecklenburg County’s Clerks Office lies this quaint little restaurant. With doors opening into the vestibule area for the Boydton Community Pharmacy as well as to the street, this deli is set up to serve the staff working within the building as well as the public. With only a 600 sf footprint, the deli’s efficient use of space and large storefront glazing give its customers the feeling of being in a much larger space. Detailing of the renovation maintains the original historic charm of the community.

Moma Rosa's

Moma Rosa's

Nestled in the Gretna community, a mainstay for evening meals had outgrown its former facility. Constructed in 2014, the new 4,800 SF building houses three separate dining areas to allow for the hosting of multiple sizes of large parties. One area hosts 32, while another 48, and finally a large 72 seat main dining space. In addition to the main dining areas there is a 24 seat bar area and an outdoor patio area.  A full service kitchen was design to with two lines, plating area, beverage station, full exhaust hoods and two walk-in coolers. Materials such as tile flooring and the stucco / EIFS used throughout the facility were chosen to allude to the restaurant’s Italian heritage.  

Projects shown with * were completed while with previous employer. See profile for more details