Renovation/Adaptive Reuse

600 Craghead Street - Danville, VA

600 Craghead Street 600 Craghead Street 600 Craghead Street600 Craghead Street 600 Craghead Street 600 Craghead Street     Bridal SuiteBridal Suite Event Space Restroom                                                    

Located in the Danville Tobacco Warehouse and Residential District, this former warehouse contains three stories, each having 25,000 square feet. The top two stories were converted to apartments ranging in size from studio to 3 bedroom, and the ground floor was converted to commercial space for a brewery and an event venue. Part of the ground floor is also amenity space for the apartments above. Exposed brick and original heavy timber construction give a timeless feeling to both the commercial and living spaces. Exposed original hardwood floors and open floor plans create a synthesis of history and modernity. The crown jewel of this historic renovation project is an apartment on the top floor incorporating the round vaulted turret, with large original windows and a spired roof, making it a prominent feature of the district.

442 Main Street - Danville, VA

442 Main Street 442 Main Street 442 Main Street

Utilizing historic tax credits, the building located at 442 Main Street in Danville, VA is seeing new use after years of deterioration. The first floor has been converted into office space for Danville’s River District Association. The original coffered ceiling that once was a visual centerpiece of a bank and later a jewelry store has been re-exposed and restored to its former glory. The original bank vault has been fixed open to allow use of its interior space and a glass front showcases the vault door’s inner workings. The second and third floors are served from the original stair and separate main street level entrance. The former business spaces and offices are being converted into a total of 6 apartments that maintain many of the original walls, doors, and trim. The downtown location, tall ceilings, windows, and historic detailing make these apartments highly desired.

610 Craghead Street

610 Craghead Street

This 76,000 square foot warehouse found new life as it became the home of 42 new luxury apartments. This historic building is located in the Danville Tobacco Warehouse and Residential District, as well as the greater Danville River District. The original brick and heavy timber construction remained exposed where allowed. The ground floor was converted to commercial tenant space and enclosed parking. Solex Architecture assisted with the preliminary design of the commercial area, and created computerized renderings for the developer’s marketing purposes.

Coin Ops

Coin Ops

Located in the historic River District of Danville, Virginia, this 18,000SF building found itself in need of some attention as it had begun to show its age after years of service to the community. In an effort to be more of use to yet another generation, a few exterior improvements have been explored including a ground level entrance rework, new exterior personnel doors, and the addition of a handicap accessible ramp.

Warehouse No. 5

Warehouse No. 5 Warehouse No. 5

Yet another landmark in the River District of Danville, Warehouse No. 5 found itself ready to be used in a new way as the needs of the community changed. With approximately 7,800 SF per floor, the possibilities for use are quite vast. Currently still in the feasibility stage, it is anticipated that lease space for small businesses would be the prime use of the facility. The design calls for the second floor to house 12 suites ranging from 400 SF to 650 SF.  The third floor was designed with 8 suites ranging from 400 SF to 900 SF.  Common amenities are located on these two floors including a shared conference room, shared break room and public restrooms.  The ground floor would be set aside for enclosed employee parking for 13 spaces while providing a separate common lobby and entrance.

* Old Belt Building No. 1

Exterior 1 Exterior 2

Situated in Danville, Virginia's historic Tobacco Warehouse District, the Old Belt building has become an anchor facility on Bridge Street by serving as a trendy incubator.  The facility has undergone several waves of construction activities.  The first included the design and stabilization of the heavy timber columns, windows and roof. A new loading dock was installed on the rear of the building facing the river.  By blending the industrial texture of concrete with selective areas of brick, the loading dock serves its function while complementing the historical essence of the Old Belt building. Anticipating future tenants, preliminary layouts were developed to plan for corridors, restrooms and the location of a new stairwell.  The original context of the building's history was maintained while upgrading it to meet current building codes.

* American National Bank

Mt. Cross Roof Replacement and Lobby Renovation

Exterior 1

* City of Danville

415/423 Main Street Basement Stabilization

Exterior 1

* Rippe's Interior

Exterior 1

* Virginia Tech

McBryde Hall Partial Renovation

Police Station Locker Room Renovation

Projects shown with * were completed while with previous employer. See profile for more details