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Solex Architecture seeks to explore solutions that meld the different nuances of a project into a cohesive design.  Combining the past with the present, the natural with the built environment, and form with function, Solex Architecture strives toward current, yet timeless designs.

All spaces invoke deep rooted feelings through the juxtaposition of individual elements.  Whether its in a typical office or the magnificence of St. Peter's Basilica, a reaction is created, either slight or grand, noticed or experienced.  Through design, there is not only a direct response to the contextual elements, there is also a desired response for the inhabitants. The beauty of architecture is when the design of a space, either interior or exterior, elevates the mind to a higher level of experience. The benefit of architecture and design is in the art of exploiting those special moments, to make even the smallest detail exceptional.

Through the study of architecture, both regionally and across the world, Solex Architecture brings with it a wide range of styles and experiences. No matter how large or small, there is always the opportunity to create a unique and appropriate design.