IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia

IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia IALR - Hawkins Building Renovation - Danville, Virginia

Completed in May of 2015, Hawkins Building was partially renovated to house the Danville Community College precision machining program. This 8,500 square foot renovation was a fast-track project with multiple phases. Work included partition relocation, automatic sliding glass doors, modifications to lighting and HVAC, new LED lighting, electrical upgrades for new machinery, multiple instructional display monitors, epoxy flooring, and a new exterior glass overhead door with drive aisle. This facility allows students to receive hands on training with some of today’s latest technology in production-based advanced manufacturing, similar to what they will find upon entering the workforce.

IALR - Cyber Library

IALR - Cyber Library IALR - Cyber Library

Located within the main facility of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville, VA was a 980 square foot under-utilized space that often served multiple purposes. This room continues to be used as overflow seating during the lunch hour for the “megabytes” restaurant located on the lower level. In an effort to more effectively use this space for meetings or other private events, a new storefront wall was installed to assist with noise dampening for that space. New paint, carpeting, casework, smart board, and televisions are in keeping with the Institute’s strive to continually stay at the forefront of technological and business advancements.

Patrick Henry Community College - Cafeteria Renovations

Patrick Henry Community College Patrick Henry Community College

PHCC needed minor renovations to this cafeteria to allow the area to be used for its culinary arts program. Previously, this area was being used for serving food in a cafeteria style arrangement. The cafeteria was renovated to include order and pickup transaction windows. Minor modifications were required for the existing walls, bulkhead, and the wall intersection at the exterior glass and aluminum storefront. Solex Architecture provided the necessary drawings for PHCC to obtain building permits and Bureau of Capital Outlay Management (BCOM) approval.

* Sustainable Energy Technology Center (SENTEC)

Exterior 1 Exterior 2 Exterior 3 Exterior 4 Exterior 5 Exterior 6 Interior 1 Interior 2 Interior 3

Designed for The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, SENTEC was developed as a research and development facility to attract and grow the region's bio-based economy.  The key to any new prospective facility is to incorporate flexibility and to properly size the utility infrastructure.  By the time SENTEC opened, a company had chosen to occupy the facility, largely due to its plug-and-play capabilities. Very little had to be changed from the base design to get the production up and running. 

SENTEC is a two-story facility housing approximately 26,000 square feet.  Implementing many sustainable technologies, it became the first LEED Gold certified facility in southern Virginia.  More than 30% more efficient than its standard counterparts, SENTEC takes advantage of natural light, a heat-recovery wheel, chilled beams, photovoltaics, solar thermal hot water, LED lighting, rainwater cisterns and a vegetated roof.  By using computerized BIM technology, proper overhangs and sunshades were designed to provide natural light while minimizing heat gain.  The design produces a juxtaposition of materials and volumes, serving as a symbol of the energy within the facility.

* Danville Community College Foundation

Exterior 1 Exterior 2 Exterior 3 Exterior 4

Located in Danville, Virginia, Foundation Hall serves as the new landmark and gateway for the DCC Campus.  This facility has been instrumental to the economic vitality of the region through the creation of a strong workforce. Housing the Health Sciences programs, the facility includes approximately 27,000 square feet on two levels. The various programs make use of fully equipped clinics, laboratories, patient simulators and various patient care rooms. The design of the interior helps students become accustomed to medical equipment by implementing an accurate facility layout. The exterior architecture pays homage to The Castle which formerly occupied the same campus.

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